3 Top Reasons To Invest In Tub Chairs For Your Cafe

Australia is one of the largest coffee consumers in the world and with so many new cafes opening their doors in Sydney alone, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. One way to impress visitors and entice them into your cafe is with comfortable great looking furniture.

Most cafes these days provide a variety of seating to cater for the needs of their customers. For example some customers simply order, drink up, and leave quickly whereas others prefer to take their time and linger for a while. It’s this latter category that will really appreciate the presence of a few tub chairs in a lounging area within your cafe.

Although many may view tub chairs as being old-fashioned, after all they have been around since Victorian times, they just so happen to be one of our top sellers which goes to show that they’re still very popular, particularly in the hospitality sector.

Style and elegance

Tub chairs have a certain style and elegance thanks to a curved sweeping back which offers good support for the back and arms and hugs the person seated. Older style tub chairs were typically fashioned from deep green or red leather and studded in a similar fashion to Chesterfield sofas, whereas modern day tub chairs, particularly those for use in cafes, bars, and restaurants are often upholstered in more practical fabrics such as PU leather.

If you’re not yet convinced that the odd tub chair or two will really enhance your cafe, then we’ve put together 3 reasons why you might want to consider them:

  1. Comfort, comfort, comfort – You simply can’t ignore the importance of comfortable furniture. For many customers it’s more vital than the quality of your coffee and food. Tub chairs are all about comfort and as your customers sink into their tub chair with a delicious cup of coffee, they’re likely to stay for longer and perhaps order another.
  1. Economic on space – If you don’t have a large dining area then it’s important to maximise the space that you do have and this can be done easily with a tub chair. A typical arm chair is all about …… well… arms, which can and do take up a lot of room. Well thankfully, although technically an armchair, a tub is more compact and takes up less space without compromising on comfort.
  1. Strong and good looking – Thanks to their simplistic style, tub chairs are strong and robust since basically they’re just a shell balanced on four small legs. A commercial tub chair is designed to be even stronger and can withstand virtually anything that comes its way. As such, you can rest assured that you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

It’s true to say that not everyone is comfortable sitting on a standard cafe chair, and if you don’t have the space for large squashy sofas, then tub chairs make a great alternative. Our tub chairs are offered with a choice of black PU leather or charcoal grey fabric, so they’ll go pretty much with anything. Why not take a look in our online store or visit our showroom to try them for yourself.

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