Top Reasons to Consider Isotop Table Tops

When you enter a cafe, the tables and chairs are often the first things you see and since they take up the majority of the interior space, it’s important that they make a good impression. With so many tabletops to choose from, however, knowing what to choose can be a tough ask.

Here at Cafe Chairs Sydney, we have no hesitation in recommending our Isotop table tops which are attractive, durable, and extremely versatile. In fact, they provide all you could want in a cafe top and a little bit more.

If you operate a busy cafe with a high turnover of customers, Isotop tabletops could be a great choice for you. These fabulous tops are designed to withstand high temperatures, are scratch and stain resistant, and come in a huge choice of sizes, colours and patterns. Here are a few other reasons you might want to consider investing in Isotop tabletops for your venue.

Top reasons to buy Isotop tabletops

Low maintenance

Isotop tables are made from a mixture of plantation wood chips, resin, and wax which are moulded together at high temperatures. They are then given a laminate coating which gives protection and also makes them a doddle to keep clean. Because they can be quickly wiped down with a damp cloth and mild detergent and sprayed with a sanitiser, they’re ideal for the times we currently find ourselves in.


Cafe tabletops get a lot of use and if you fail to buy commercial tabletops like these, they can soon start to show signs of wear and tear. Isotop tabletops are one of the leading brands in the hospitality industry and have a reputation for longevity. Because they are designed to withstand high temperatures and are sealed all round to prevent any moisture from creeping in beneath the laminate into the wood below, cafe owners can expect them to give many years of good use.


When you need to buy several tabletops in one hit, costs can soon mount up. Isotop tabletops are competitively priced and considerably cheaper than solid wood tables would be, for example. Because they are designed to mimic other materials such as timber, marble, and granite, you could cut your costs by mixing them in with other more expensive tables made from natural materials, to keep costs down.

Plenty of styles to choose from

Isotop tabletops come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and patterns so there’s sure to be a pattern that complements your décor. With names like Alcantara, Choco Oak and Shesman timber, they look just as appealing as they sound. Even better, Istop tabletops at Cafe Chairs Sydney can be purchased on their own and matched with a table base of your choice or purchased as a table package complete with base.

If you need to buy some new tables for indoor or outdoor use, then you can’t go far wrong with an Isotop tabletop. Why not browse our online store to check them out for yourself or visit our Sydney showroom to examine their quality.