Top Cafe Furniture Design Ideas

A cafe that has a zingy, vibrant design and projects strong hues and bright patterns that complement its furniture is an instant hit with most people. An aesthetically pleasing cafe that is both stylish and atmospheric is the type of venue that attracts people looking to relax and unwind after work or at the weekends with friends.

As a cafe owner it’s only natural that you want to have a cafe with a stunning design, awesome furniture, and good coffee and food, because that’s what makes customers come through your doors. To achieve this it’s getting the right combination of theme and furniture which creates the atmosphere you’re hoping for. We’ve put together a few tips to assist you when choosing your furniture.

Know your customers

The first thing is to know your clientele and select furniture that matches your theme and pulls in the customers. Young professionals are more likely to be tempted through the doors of a cafe with a trendy industrial vibe whereas older clientele may be more attracted to a theme that is traditional and comfortable. Once you have your theme then you need to choose furniture that highlights this.

Choosing your furniture

Tables and chairs are the highlights of cafe furniture and play an important role in setting the scene. Not only should you choose furniture for its aesthetics but also for its functional and practical elements too. Industrial style tables such as our Tolix meeting tables or our communal benches work well if you’re rocking an industrial theme and these could be paired with our wide variety of Tolix chairs or any of our metal/wood chairs and stools such as our Bronx chair and Cargo stools.

Outdoor chairs

Most people appreciate an outdoor cafe area and you can create an area that looks inviting using our Parisian chairs or any of our polypropylene chairs which come in a wide range of styles and funky colours. Always choose furniture that’s designed for exterior use as this will be resistant to all types of weather and will last longer. Throw in some parasols and plants and your terrace will soon be fully of happy smiling customers.

Tub armchairs

These are designed for indoor use and work well in venues with low ceilings and narrow spaces to provide a cosy private ambience. You could combine these with some coffee tables so that customers can settle down with a latte and the daily newspaper.

Bar stools

Most cafes have counters or bar areas which are ideal for customers looking to come in just for a short visit. We have a wide selection of bar stools in different styles and heights. If you’re using dry bar tables then you’ll need to pair these with our tall stools such as the ladderback or Tolix stools. Medium height stools work well with most counter tops and the small stools fit around standard cafe tables. Colourful stools such as our Tolix stools are great for introducing an accent colour and bringing to life a neutral palette.

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