This Summer Bring Your Inside Style Outside

With summer fast approaching it’s time to spruce up your outdoor dining area to ensure you get your share of passing trade. With this thought in mind, we’ve put together a few ways in which cafe owners can use their furniture to bring their indoor vibe outside, for a seamless flow.

Two of the easiest ways to blend both areas is by being consistent with your furniture and complementing colours.

Consistent furniture

Use furniture to create a consistent style from one area to another. The easiest way of doing this is to use cafe furniture which is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Our Parisian chairs are a modern take on traditional wicker style chairs using lightweight tubular aluminium frames finished to look like cane and upholstered with durable weather resistant textaline fabric. Sturdy and comfortable they lend a European feel. To add even more of a flow use the same style and colour table tops throughout. Another range of chairs to consider using are our Belle chairs. These are made from polypropylene and feature a classic style with a slatted back and generous seat. Provided in a wide range of colours, you can also swap it up by using a variety of chairs with or without arms. Even though your décor may be different in both spaces, the consistency of the furniture provides the necessary branded consistency.

Complementing colours

Another way to encourage flow from the inside to the outside is with the use of colour. You need to make sure, however, that the colours you choose complement each other rather than competing against each other or the result could end up looking chaotic! One suggestion would be to use solid black tables indoors paired with black and white Belle chairs for a classic look and then outdoors combine the same black tables with bright red Belle chairs.

These bold colours help to clearly define the respective spaces. We particularly like the use of bright vivid colours for an outdoor patio space since they capture the attention of passers-by while also adding a rich vibrancy.

So to keep those customers coming throughout the summer months, why not use your cafe furniture to create a seamless flow between your inside and outside space? Don’t forget to use a splash of colour to provide contrast and to make each different space unique while also drawing attention to it.

If you’re stuck for ideas, we can always put together a furniture package for you to meet your needs. Meanwhile, why not browse our online store for some ideas or better still, call by our showroom and see our furniture close up for yourself.

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