The Advantages of Using Stacking Chairs in Your Café

Your choice of furniture helps to define the look and feel of your café and choosing chairs and tables which don’t quite reflect the style of your café, can leave customers feeling confused. From the layout of your café to the food you serve, consistency is key. At Café Chairs Sydney we’ve helped hundreds of customers furnish their spaces, and in this post, we’re going to discuss the merits of using stacking chairs in your café.

About our stacking chairs

We stock and supply a wide range of stacking chairs in an assortment of designs, colours, and materials. Many of these are tested by the AFRDI and we constantly invest in this service to ensure that we deliver high-quality products that are suitable for commercial and home use.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at the benefits of stacking chairs.


Stacking chairs are the ideal choice for those café owners looking to have extra chairs which they can bring out at a moment’s notice during their busy times. Because they stack on top of one another they make for convenient storage, and because most of them are lightweight, they’re also easy to move around the floor to wherever you may need them.


While many café chairs can only be used for one specific application, stacking chairs can be used indoors and outdoors at any type of event. Because of their lightweight nature, they’re easy to transport to and from a function such as a party or wedding reception too. And, when it comes to carrying out a deep clean after the event, they’re easy for staff to move from place to place.


Stacking chairs are made from durable materials and designed to stand the test of time. This means they can withstand being moved around numerous times. Since most of our stacking chairs are made from polypropylene they can be used outside and can withstand the harsh Australian climate. This allows you to quickly transform a café’s outdoor courtyard or pavement area into a useable and profitable space.


With a huge variety of styles and all colours of the rainbow to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find stacking chairs which match your décor and complement your café’s theme. Even if you can’t find an exact march, you can always add cushions to help you achieve the look that you’re after.

Little maintenance

Finally, the last benefit of stacking chairs is that they require very little maintenance. Made from a process of injection moulding, stacking chairs have no joints and no nuts and bolts to come loose. Keeping them clean is easy by lining them up outdoors and hosing them down with water, leaving them to dry in the open air.

Now you know all the advantages of stacking chairs, why not invest in some in time for the summer? We have a wide range to choose from which you can view in our online store, or even better, why not drop by our Sydney showroom and try them out for size.