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There’s no denying the industrial look is one that is extremely popular and seems set to stay. Boasting a clean utilitarian style it’s particularly well suited to raw spaces like renovated warehouses, loft apartments and yes….. trendy cafes and restaurants.

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That said, you don’t need to have a huge sprawling space to make the industrial look work in your establishment. It’s all about remembering that the space you don’t use is almost as important as the space that you do use. Many of the elements included in our industrial collection can be used as stand alone pieces to make a bold statement, almost like in a museum. Take the Detroit stool for example. Looking as if it has been made from reclaimed salvage, it’s perfect for giving your café that edgy, raw look.

Your space should also look unfinished. Try placing our steel Tolix tables in front of concrete walls surrounded by a selection of Tolix chairs. Or, curve a counter in front of an exposed brick wall and line up a row of Helen stools for solo diners to grab a seat. Stick to hardwood floors or concrete and they look reminiscent of industrial spaces.

Strong, robust, and practical, our steel industrial furniture also improves with age since dents or scratches add character and personality, so it’s an investment work making. We’re constantly adding to our collection, so don’t forget to drop by on a regular basis.