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One of the most irritating aspects of café life is that of the wobbly table. Not only does it take up your staff’s time with constant adjustments using bar mats beneath the offending table legs to prevent wobble, but it’s also annoying for customers who are wary of their hot coffee or bowl of soup ending up in their laps. So what’s the answer? The answer lies in our range of FLAT technology bases.
This innovative range of self-stabilising bases puts an end to wobbly tables for ever as they find their own level on uneven surfaces instantly. They work by using a system of hydraulics hidden away in the legs which react to movement or change in the environment instantly. This means that as soon as a table is moved it finds its level and then locks into place until such time as it is moved again. In the event that you need to push several tables together to create one large table for group catering, it even aligns the table tops, freeing up your time. Clever isn’t it! Sleek and stylish our FLAT technology bases come in a variety of styles and finishes to complement any table top. Whether you’re after a contemporary look or something more classic like our decorative Paris base, you’re bound to find something to suit and whether you need a single or double base, you’ll find that too.