Save Money and Maximise Your Profits With Our Polypropylene Chairs

With winter behind us and summer firmly in our sights, there’s never been a better time to make use of all your available outdoor space to attract summer customers. An attractive terrace or pavement lined with tables and parasols filled with happy smiling customers eating and drinking in the sun is a sure fire way of capturing your share of the summer trade and maximising your profits.

You may have noticed that the title of this blog speaks of saving money and that’s because we’re currently running a promotion with 10% off our entire range of polypropylene chairs. Now if you haven’t considered polypropylene chairs for your cafe outdoor space then you might want to do so. Lightweight and colourful today’s modern polypropylene (or plastic) chairs offer many benefits, so let’s take a closer look below.

  • Affordability – The great thing about plastic chairs is their affordability. With all of our polypropylene chairs currently being sold at less than $50 dollars, you can invest in a few for your outdoor space without breaking the bank.

  • Versatility – Plastic chairs have come on in leaps and bounds since those staid green plastic chairs that many of us had in our backyards. Nowadays plastic chairs come in a wide range of styles, including designer replicas, and in a fabulous range of colours. Whether you prefer the fresh look of white chairs or want to turn heads with bright red or yellow chairs, there really is a plastic chair to suit all decors and themes.

  • Lightweight – When it comes to outdoor dining then it’s important that your chairs can be moved around to suit the needs of your customers. Not only are our plastic chairs lightweight yet robust but they also stack for convenient storage.

  • Weatherproof – If you’re intending leaving your plastic chairs outside throughout the year, then it’s important that they’re weatherproof. Our selection of outdoor polypropylene chairs are all UV resistant and waterproof which means they won’t crack, fade, split, or rot even in our harsh Australian climate.

  • Low in maintenance – The majority of plastic chairs are injection moulded from just one piece of material which means there are no joints and no nuts and bolts to loosen or go missing. Instead, our chairs are smooth and seamless throughout and all that’s necessary to keep them looking their best is to wipe them over with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner to remove any spills or food debris.

  • Commercial grade – All of our plastic chairs are commercial grade which means that unlike the cheap plastic chairs you may find in your local store, ours are designed for cafe use and will withstand all the rigours of a thriving cafe environment.

If you’re now convinced that your cafe could benefit from polypropylene chairs then why not browse our selection? Whether your tastes are modern or traditional, you’re sure to find a chair that catches your eye. If you need further information on any of our products then please just give us a call on (02) 8320 5321 or pop by our showroom to see our furniture for yourself.

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