Purchasing New Outdoor Furniture – How To Get A Decent ROI

outdoor cafe spaceIf you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area then turning it into an outdoor cafe space is a great way to get a substantial return on your investment for many years to come. Cafe Chairs Sydney has a wide range of commercial outdoor furniture in stock all designed to withstand not only the daily rigours of a bustling environment, but also to withstand the harsh Australian climate. We’ve put together 5 top tips to help you make the right decisions when investing in your outdoor space.

1.First impressions really do count

You may serve the best coffee in town, bake the tastiest muffins, and have rave reviews on Trip Advisor, but if your outdoor furniture is below par, then customers are going to vote with their feet and take themselves to your nearest competitor. Spending years creating and building your brand, sourcing the best coffee, and perfecting the perfect carrot cake, could all count for nothing if a new customer is put off by the appearance of your front or back outdoor dining space.

2. Remember storage and maintenance

If you don’t have a covered outdoor area, then it pays to consider furniture that easily stacks or folds when it’s not being used. You also need to consider the level of maintenance required when choosing your outdoor furniture. We’d recommend polypropylene chairs as not only do these stack for ease of storage but require little more than a wipe down with a damp cloth to clean them. You might also want to consider cafe tables with folding bases as these take up less room when stored too. Teak furniture looks great but it may need a protective coat of stain if you want to maintain its natural colour.

3.Forget trends

Trends are all well and good but you need to remember that your outdoor furniture needs to last for several years. While those hot pink plastic chairs may have been cheap and seemed a real bargain, you’re sure to tire of them quite quickly. Remember your outdoor space is likely to be used most of the year and for events and functions too, so spend the most you can afford, and stick to a more classic timeless design.

4.Accessorise for comfort

It’s those little extra touches that make a place more memorable so give some thought to what you can add to your outdoor space to make it more comfortable and appealing. Seat cushions are one option and if you stay open in the evenings then how about some candles on the table. Foliage and flowers will also make your space more appealing.

5.Match your interior

You probably agonised for months over the style and décor of your interior so don’t lose track of your style when planning your outdoor space. If your venue has an industrial theme for instance, then make sure that is reflected outside too. Try and capture your brand identity in all areas of your cafe.

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