Plastic – The Past, Present, And Future Of Modern Cafe Seating

Grace chair in redIn the twentieth century it’s fair to say that no other material has revolutionised the design and furniture industry as much as plastic. The fact that it can be moulded into just about any shape, in any design form, makes it the perfect vehicle for some of the most iconic chairs of the modern age.

Chairs such as the Moulded Shell Eames Chair utilised fibreglass reinforced polyester for a chair that was light, compact, durable and most importantly, relatively cheap to produce. This meant that suddenly, contemporary funky designs that could ever have only been dreamt of when using other materials, were now a distinct possibility. What’s more, because they were cheap to produce they also became affordable to the masses.

This was great news for the cafe industry because now, instead of wood or metal tables and chairs which had been the seating of choice for decades, cafe owners had the chance to buy something that was incredibly practical, was built to last, yet could really turn heads. Within a few short years plastic cafe chairs could be purchased in just about any style, design, or colour imaginable and even some you couldn’t imagine.

Moving on to today and in the future, plastic or polypropylene seating has many advantages over it’s wood and metal counterparts. Aside from being affordable and lightweight, they can be used both inside and out, giving cafe owners total flexibility in use. They come in a huge range of colours from shocking pinks to sunburst yellows and deep blues, so they fit in with any design style or theme, no matter how wacky, and because they’re treated they’re pretty much indestructible, making them perfect for busy establishments with high volumes of customer footfall.

So what about the future?

The fact that conventional plastic needs oil has always been seen as a problem, especially when non-environmentally sustainable products are fast becoming scarce. Now materials are being developed that no longer contain oil, such as organic polymers that derive from cellulose, starch, or lactic acid found in everyday products such as potatoes and milk. This makes plastic of the future not only exciting, but also fully and easily sustainable.

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