Looking For New Table Bases? Consider Cast Iron.

Maxwell Base With Equalisers

If you’re looking to invest in new table bases then why not consider a cast iron table base. It’s been a firm favourite for decades and shows no signs of going anywhere soon. Better still, cast iron offers any many benefits that you may not be aware of, so let’s jump in and take a closer look.

Benefits of Cast Iron Table Bases

Hard-wearing and easily maintained

Cast iron bases can easily out live you. This hard wearing material makes an excellent choice for cafes and bars and by its very nature can withstand being in constant use every day of the year. They’re also a great choice for outdoor use since their weight ensures that a gust of wind won’t cause them to topple over.

There’s also very little maintenance needed with a cast iron table base. All you should ever need to do is wipe it clean from time to time with a damp cloth.  

Iron is eco-friendly

Most cafe or bar owners find themselves keeping hold of their cast iron bases for … well ever …. Which means that ultimately there is less waste generated. When the time ever comes to bid farewell to your cast iron table base it can be passed on to someone else or recycled and turned into another product

A great choice for heavy table tops

Heavy table tops made from granite or marble, for example, require a strong and durable table base to support them and cast iron fits the bill perfectly. If you’re not sure whether your table top requires an extra strong table base, then please do contact the experts at Cafe Chairs Sydney.

Can be customised

Another of the many benefits of cast iron table bases is that you can paint them whatever colour you like to complement your table top and if you get tired of the colour, then just start all over again. You can also transform how your cast iron table base looks by pairing it with a different table top. Our Isotop table tops come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes including a variety of stylish timber finishes and replicas of natural materials such as granite, cement, and marble


Considering you are purchasing a table base that could last you all your life. The cost is remarkably low with our cast iron bases starting at just $82.50.

They look great

Finally, cast iron table bases look great and won’t let you down. And with several to choose from here at Cafe Chairs Sydney, you’re sure to find one that catches your eye.

Here at Café Chairs Sydney, we stock a wide range of table bases including cast iron bases, so why not take a look. You can browse our online store or view our furniture in person by visiting our Sydney showroom. We look forward to seeing you there.