Introducing The New Charcoal Loft Chair

If you’re on the lookout for a modern chair that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but extremely functional too, then let us introduce you to our new charcoal Loft Chair.

This versatile chair offers both casual and classy seating depending on where you use it and what colour you choose. With its perfectly sculptured polypropylene shell seat, it could double up as an office desk chair or a kitchen dining chair. Suitable for a cafe or restaurant with its commercial grade there are plenty of reasons to love it.

Comfort and strength

This stunning chair will turn heads for all the right reasons. Designed to look like it has solid timber cigar legs you may be surprised to learn that they’re actually manufactured from steel and coated to look like timber. The shell seat is moulded from plastic and offers a generous size wrap around style which hugs the body. It also features a waterfront slope to cushion the top of the legs. This marriage of plastic and steel offers the ultimate in comfort and strength, making it a perfect choice for the busiest of cafes.

Great colour

Charcoal has to be one of our favourite colours in cafe chairs since it fits into so many decors. Perfect for a monochrome design, it adds a subtle softness to what can otherwise be quite a stark design. It’s also a modern colour which works well in industrial themes and those where you are looking to create a natural understated appearance. The fact that the steel legs give the appearance of timber also means that these chairs work well with timber top tables to give a warm, cosy feel. Customers might be interested to know that the chair is also available in black.

Low maintenance

When you consider the amount of customers that probably pass through your doors and sit on your chairs then it stands to reason that maintenance could be an issue. Fortunately, this chair is designed to be as low in maintenance as possible and spills or food debris can be easily wiped clean with little more than a damp cloth and non abrasive cleanser. In addition, due to the fact that the seat is moulded all from one piece there are no joints to loosen or crack.


Finally, this gorgeous chair is provided with a 12 month warranty, for added peace of mind.

Here at Cafe Chairs Sydney we are constantly adding to our inventory so it’s always worth revisiting our site if you didn’t find what you were looking for the first time round. Our furniture is all commercial grade which means that it is intended to withstand all the daily rigours of a bustling cafe. Why not browse our online store, or if you’d prefer take a visit to our showroom where you can see the Charcoal Loft Chair and try it out for yourself.

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