How To Stand Your Coffee Shop Out From The Crowd

If you’re the owner of a coffee shop or about to launch a new one, then it goes without saying that you know your cappuccino from your latte; but with customers becoming more discerning, you should probably think about offering a broader choice and ways of making your cafe stand out from the rest.

Variety is the spice of life

For some serious coffee love why not consider an on-site roaster? The delicious smell of freshly ground roast beans is sure to attract attention. And while you’re about it, make it known that your coffee beans are sustainably sourced and ethical. Be aware, too of the need to offer a variety of alternatives to cow’s milk such as almond, coconut, hazelnut, oat and soy. Customers like variety and plenty of it!

Cafe decor you can be proud of

Another way to stand your cafe out from the crowd is with unique décor. Visit some of your nearest competitors and ask yourself how you can make your cafe different to theirs. For example, instead of boring bland walls why not source some vintage prints of your neighbourhood and get them framed and hung up on the wall. Alternatively, if you know of a local artist, why not display some of their artwork on your walls? These would make your cafe look different and also makes a great talking point.

A handwritten chalkboard is a great way of displaying your ‘specials’ and is easy to change as and when necessary. Fairy lights trailing around the counter also contribute to a welcoming ambience.

Quirky tableware

Unusual or pretty cups and saucers or mugs can also help stand your cafe out. They don’t all have to be the same, try mixing them up to create a homely atmosphere. If you serve tea in teapots then an array of different teapots on your tables can add interest and look great displayed on a shelf. Branded takeaway cups are also a great way of promoting your business by customers on the go.


The great thing about owning an independent coffee shop is that you can choose whatever furniture you like to make your cafe unique to you. Again, think about offering your customers a variety of seating options including chairs, stools, sofas, and high bar stools. You could choose a variety of furniture styles in different shades of one colour, such as blue, to take it up a notch or choose a range such as Tolix which offers a variety of designs and colours to add interest.

Arranging your furniture

Unlike coffee shops such as Starbucks which have a uniform layout in all of their stores, make your coffee shop look different by arranging your tables and chairs at different angles and changing your layout whenever the mood takes you.

Different heights

Mixing tall furniture with low furniture is also effective. For instance, our 76 cm ladder back stools could be placed around some dry bar stools alongside your windows and the rest of the interior could be furnished with standard cafe tables and traditional ladder back chairs so that your design flows. Robust and durable and upholstered with cushions in a choice of caramel, chocolate, charcoal, and black the ladder back range is particularly effective for creating a relaxing, timeless ambience.

Eco-friendly products

With all the publicity surrounding the effects of plastic on the environment why not consider switching your takeout cups to ones made from biodegradable materials together with paper straws?

If you’re doing your bit to be an eco-friendly cafe then shout out about it. Be proud of your actions which again will stand you out from the crowd.

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