How To Rock The Rustic-Industrial Look For Your Cafe

Tolix chairs and meeting tableCurrent trends are a major factor that cafe owners should take into consideration when designing/re-designing their cafe space. None are more current than the rustic-industrial look. While the terms ‘rustic’ and ‘industrial’ don’t normally belong in the same sentence, they actually engulf a mix of raw elements and rough materials that contribute to a modern contemporary feel. If done right this look feels surprisingly fresh and ‘of the moment’ so with this in mind, just how do you pull it off and rock this look?


When it comes to rustic/industrial, exposure is the key. Steel beams and brickwork represent the colder industrial side while exposed wooden flooring or wood panelled ceilings make for a warmer feel. It’s this culmination of cool and stark meets warmth that delivers a perfect look.

Industrial lighting

What better way to shout out ‘modernity’ than with a smattering of industrial lighting. Large edison bulbs hung beneath simple steel cables are a great way to keep it bang on brief. They’re also the perfect way to light up individual table spaces, while industrial style lamps can be used to illuminate other key areas such as entrance ways and stairs.

Cold hard steel against warm wood

Cold steel and warm wood may seem a little like Ying and Yang but in truth, they go together perfectly. How about a Werzalit square stainless steel table top complete with dimpled embellishments paired with a selection of rustic looking bentwood chairs. Or alternatively, how about pairing a square 800mm Meeting Table in rich wood with some industrial Tolix inspired galvanised chairs in gun-metal grey. It’s the perfect opportunity to use your imagination and go with what works for you.

Concrete flooring

Although concrete flooring might be seen as a non-appealing material that has no soul, it isn’t necessarily the case; especially when paired with the warmth of wood or the copper tones of exposed brickwork. If you really can’t face a bare concrete floor there are other alternatives such as staining and polishing which brings a luxurious touch. Or rather than an entire floor, how about installing some carefully placed concrete planters? Any of these elements will give you that touch of concrete so reminiscent of the industrial look.

At Cafe Chairs Sydney we stock a wide range of rustic and industrial style cafe furniture available for you to browse and buy online. Alternatively if you’re in the Wetherill Park area of Sydney why not pop into our purpose built showroom where you can see all the products first hand. Finally, if you need any further information then don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 8379 7737. Our experienced team are here to help.

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