How to Choose Cafe Table Bases – Points to Consider

cafe table bases

So, how do I choose table bases?

Shopping for cafe table bases isn’t as easy as it sounds. What size do I need? What material? What style? Are all questions that need to be answered to help you choose the best base for your table.

When looking for the most suitable table bases for your cafe tables, you need to consider several points including space, style, and height.

We suggest you start by looking at the space where the tables will be going. Is there sufficient room for the bases you’re considering? How much seating do you need? Not only do you need a base that is strong enough to support your choice of table top but there also has to be sufficient room for the chairs to slide beneath and leave space for your customers’ legs.

When choosing your table top, bear in mind its size since you don’t want to buy cafe table bases that will not offer the proper support should you decide at the last minute to buy larger table tops.

What style do I need?

Next, it’s important to realise that not all table bases work with every table top. This is where the style of table base comes into play.  A round table top, for instance, works best with a round table base whereas cross bases are best for square tables.

For long tables or ADA tables, a couple of T-style cafe table bases would be the most suitable. Depending on the size, however, a bolt-in table base is also a good choice for an ADA table as it allows wheelchair users to bring their chair up close to the table top, enabling users to feel more comfortable and connected with their friends. The aim is to ensure that the table does not wobble when a customer puts their weight on the table.

What height do I need?

Our cafe table bases come in various sizes. Bases designed for coffee tables are 450mm high, standard cafe tables come in at between 720-740mm, bar table bases are 1050mm in height, and ADA table bases are 850mm high. The taller the table the more support your cafe table will need. If you are unsure of the size you need, then please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service tam who will be happy to assist.

Cleaning and maintenance

Our cafe table bases are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Indoor table bases will need dusting every so often whereas outdoor table bases may require a little more TLC. Tables bases exposed to the elements can corrode but thankfully, it’s a simple enough fix. A black cast-iron base can be touched up with matte black spray paint. To remove stains and marks on a chrome or stainless-steel base try using vinegar on a cloth, or for more stubborn marks sprinkle some baking soda onto the vinegar. In the event of any rust spots appearing we suggest crumbling up a piece of aluminium foil and dipping it into coca-cola or vinegar to lightly scrub the affected area. Re-dip the foil often until the rust is removed. Rinse well with water and dry the area with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners as chrome scratches easily.

So there you have it. All you need to know about choosing cafe table bases. Why not browse our range of table bases, tops, and complete tables. In addition, we have a Sydney showroom where you can view all of our products first-hand.