How Cafes Can Benefit From Stacking Chairs

The flexible nature of the cafe and bar industry can mean there are days when you are maxed out and could really do with some additional seating or perhaps you’re laying on a special event and know that you’ll require extra seating to cater for an influx of customers. On occasions when you need more seating stacking chairs can perovide a cost-effective solution. The key selling point of stacking chairs is that they provides a convenient, space saving storage option and can be stored away in something as small as a broom cupboard when they’re not in use.

We’ve put together 3 ways to utilise stacking chairs as a space saving option on your cafe or bar.

Expand your dining area

The average australian spends $4900 on eating out per year and some of these people could be coming your way. There’s nothing worse than having to turn people away when you’re full to capacity but with stacking chairs as a back-up solution, you can extend your dining area and provide seats for more people. Our Bronx chair offers a sleek contemporary look to dining areas and has a slightly curved back for additional comfort, durable timber oak seat and back, and minimalist steel frame.

Move into the outdoors

If you’ve got outdoor space of any sort, be it a small pavement area, a tiny courtyard, or an unused terrace, why not create an additional outdoor dining area and furnish it relatively cheaply with stacking plastic chairs. They come in a wide variety of colours and styles, so you can soon put together a dining place to attract the attention of passers-by and boost your revenue. Our Specta chair is moulded from just one piece of polypropylene for added strength and comes in a wide range of colours including yellow, red, purple, green, charcoal, white, and black.

Create a lively relaxing vibe

There’s nothing like a sporting event being televised to draw customers to your bar but isn’t frustrating for guests when there aren’t enough seats to accommodate everyone? It can really sour the tone. Not just that, as a bar or cafe owner you could be missing out on thousands of dollars. Stacking chairs enable you to decrease or increase seating at a moment’s notice to create a lively and relaxing vibe. Our Parisian chair in chocolate and cream  is lightweight and easy to move, boasts and elegant style, and is suitable for indoor/outdoor use, adding to its versatility.

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