Furnishing a Restaurant Is About More Than Tables and Chairs

furnishing a restaurant

Furnishing a restaurant sounds like it could be fun but it’s actually quite a lot of skill involved. You’re naturally going to want a look that is visually appealing and perhaps even a couple of unique twists that will make your venue stand out from the crowd.

It’s hugely important, however, to realise that there’s more to furnishing a restaurant than perhaps you first thought. The interior design of a restaurant is not just about placing tables and chairs – it’s more about getting the right balance of several elements to create an environment that is comfortable, attractive and social for your guests. The aim is to create an ambience that has customers wanting to come back for more. While also encouraging new customers to give it a try!

Furnishing a restaurant – Getting the balance right

For many years small circular tables and intimate seating was considered the standard to aim for in most restaurants. However, when it comes to deciding what works best in terms of space and furniture for your restaurant can depend on several factors, such as  the theme of your restaurant, the type of cuisine you serve, and more besides. But interior restaurant design is also about focusing not just on aesthetics but on creating a good customer experience.

Things to consider when furnishing a restaurant

Comfort and functionality should always be your first consideration. A practical space-saving design won’t necessarily be the most comfortable for your guests. Instead, you need to focus on the type of furniture that is best going to suit your customer demographic.

For example, industrial-style metal furniture may well suit young professionals but if you operate more of a family-style restaurant, then booth seating may be a more preferred choice. For starters, booth seating tends to be padded which allows for comfort and privacy. It also takes up less room than standard table and chair sets, which could make it a good choice if space is at a premium.

Speaking of space ……

This is another area to focus on. People like space. And while you may be tempted to squeeze in more tables and chairs to accommodate more guests and increase your revenue, we’d advise you to think again. Try and plan your seating in such a way that there is sufficient space for people not to be knocking elbows. Leave enough space for waiting staff to move freely around tables and also for diners to make their way to the restrooms without having to dodge waiting staff and other diners.

Consider your choices in colour too. A good restaurant is one that’s tasty on the palate as well as easy on the eye.

Are you ready to start furnishing a restaurant?

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