Dry Bar Tables – Be Flexible

Let’s face it buying new cafe furniture doesn’t come cheap which is why it makes sense to choose furniture which is not only practical but versatile too.

What do we mean by this?

Cafe furniture in our opinion should give you the freedom to switch it around to suit the immediate needs of your business without compromising your customers’ comfort in any way. We feel that our collection of dry bar tables do just this.

So what is a dry bar table?

In essence it’s the same as a bar table with the difference being that it’s far taller. It was originally designed to be an extension to the bar itself and could be used to place such things as napkins, menus, side plates, and condiments, etc. It was also called “dry” because that was where dry goods would be stored. Nowadays dry bars have moved away from the bar and become an important part of cafe furniture in their own right.

Dry bar tables are designed to be, yes you’ve guessed, around the same height as a traditional bar. What this means it that they’re the perfect height for people to gather round using the table to place down their drinks. Our Roma dry bar tables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and as such can be placed in areas where there’s not sufficient room for tables and chairs to be arranged. They can be used during your busiest hours enabling customers to meet and chat with each other while standing with a drink.

So how else can dry bar tables be useful in your cafe?

Maximise floor space

Because of their elevated height, bar tables are perfect for slotting into awkward corners and can be paired with bar stools, which when not in use can be pushed right below the table. Not only does this fill the gap but it also means you can accommodate more customers and maximise your floor space.

Eye Catching

Again, because of their height dry bar tables lend a new dimension to your design. For example they could be positioned along the entire length of one wall of your cafe with pendant lights suspended over them, making for an entirely different looking zoned area.

Mix and match

If you prefer to have a custom dry bar table then you can choose from any of our 600mm square and round table tops to add to your Roma table base. Alternatively, if you’re looking to save money, then a cheaper option is to choose from our dry bar table packages.

If you’re interested in purchasing dry bar tables for interior or exterior dining space then we can also help out with bar stools, as we have plenty of those for you to choose from too. Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom to see our products for yourself.

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