Considering A Cafe Fit-Out – Here Are 3 Top Trends

It’s important to keep an eye on cafe interior trends if you want to attract new customers and turn your cafe into ‘the place to go’. We’ve done some research and put together 3 top trends. While they may not all be suitable for your venue, you might want to consider incorporating one or two ideas into your fit-out and stay ahead of your competitors.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Polished concrete

Yes, we know that concrete is typically associated with industrial decors but polished concrete is undeniably slick and clean, with a cutting edge appeal. In fact, decorative concrete is fast becoming a modern floor option which is durable, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and has a unique appeal of its own.

If light, or lack of it, is a problem in your venue, then you’ll be interested to know that polished concrete is reflective which means it can make your interior space appear brighter and lighter. Tey using this type of flooring with another top trend – LED lighting, and you’ll be amazed at how light and bright your cafe looks. This type of flooring is also seamless and minimalistic lending a look whivh both customers and staff will appreciate.

In addition, blank floors such as this give you enormous scope to be more creative with your cafe design in other areas. Although some people may view concrete as cold and clinical, it’s easy to add warmth with some clever design ideas. One way to do this is to use different textures such as recycled timber, which is another of the top 3 trends.

Recycled timber

Not only is recycled timber an inexpensive option for your cafe interior but it’s bursting with character and warmth to rival any other type of material. What’s more it’s extremely versatile and can be paired with stainless steel, stone, glass, and polished concrete. Try using recycled timber communal dining tables or counters to add texture and charm paired with sleek, modern stools with clean cut lines for a complete contrast. Or how about some recycled timber panels to create various zones within your seating area.

LED lighting

LED lighting is a fantastic choice for any cafe owner and offers many benefits. Not only does it last considerably longer than halogen bulbs, but they’re more durable, cool to the touch, and cost effective. Apart from saving money and being eco-friendly LED lights are being used in all sorts of innovative ways these days, allowing you to be more creative with your lighting. Not only is there a huge range of pendants, spot lights, and table lighting to choose from, but LED lights can also be used in signage designs to stand your cafe out from the crowd.

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