6 Vital Things to Consider Before Purchasing Café Furniture

cafe furniture

It can be tempting to rush into buying the first café furniture that grabs your attention. Whether you’re starting out from scratch or revamping your existing café, you probably have a few ideas in your mind already, about what works well for you and your customers. However, there are a few things you should consider when buying café furniture before settling your bill.

Your furniture should match the style of your café

While this may sound pretty obvious it’s one of the most important things to remember. Stick to a style or theme and then run with it. The most successful cafes and restaurant chains are those that have good solid themes that they’ve built up over the years. Take a look at your inside space and even consider the type of food that you serve. Avoid any obvious clashes and wherever possible choose a blend that is coherent.

Buy different café furniture that complements the other

Following on from the first point, while focusing on matching your furniture to your café’s style or theme, be sure to avoid filling your space with the same furniture and colour throughout. The result will look uninspired and bland. Instead, look at using a variety of seating options such as chairs, sofas, and bar stools to give your customers a choice of where they sit. Alternatively, try switching things up by using the same coloured chairs throughout, but use a variety of different styles for a more eclectic feel.

Select quantity over quality

It‘s also a good idea to choose café furniture that comes with a seal of quality or a story, such as sustainable furniture, rather than using the same simple chairs and tables over and over again. Any reputable café furniture supplier will recommend you choose quality over quantity every time.

Easy to clean material

Another obvious point to consider is the ease of cleaning your furniture. There are always likely to be spillages in a café environment, so it’s important that any upholstered furniture has fabric that can be spot cleaned, or cushion covers that can be removed for machine washing. It makes sense!

Comfort first

If anything, the comfort of your customers should always be at the front of your mind when you’re choosing café furniture. Don’t go rushing into anything without checking for yourself if you find the seating comfortable. Remember, if your customers don’t feel comfortable, they’re unlikely to return however good your coffee is.

Get everything from one supplier

It’s always best to purchase café furniture from one supplier. This way you can be assured of consistent quality, style, and service. Café Chairs Sydney is a well-established commercial furniture supplier with an extensive range of café tables, chairs, and stools as well as kitchen equipment.

As well as an online store, we also have a showroom in Sydney where you can come and try sitting on our chairs to see if you find them comfortable before parting with your money.